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Shortly, Psiho Kit

Who We Are

Association Center for Personal Development and Combating Risk Behaviors

Shortly, Psiho KIT.
Psiho KIT is an association dedicated to the personal development of young people and supporting them in realizing their own potential.

Since 2015, we have been helping children and adolescents at risk to develop in a harmonious way, ensuring, through counseling, their social and professional integration.

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- Special Youth Development Program

Project addressed to children and young people from family-type homes and foster care centers, which aims to develop their life skills for a more efficient integration into society and the labor market.


— ABC pentru succes

Project addressed to middle and high school students, which aims to explore personal options and resources for their educational and professional orientation.


— The value of values

Project addressed to children and young people from placement centers and family-type homes, which aims to combat risky behaviors by highlighting human values.


Zoey, volunteer student

Before I came here, I was afraid that I would not be accepted by the children because the center is their home and I might not be welcomed, but during our stay at the center, the children treated us like family members them, helping us a lot. I felt at home and I’m grateful for that.

Fatima , volunteer student

Children learned to enjoy the company of others by playing simple games. Also, after the public speaking activity, they became more confident and had the courage to show us who they really are.