Conflict Management and Bullying Prevention through Creative Methods


This Erasmus+ course is designed for teachers and professionals in adult education and offers an innovative approach to managing conflicts and preventing bullying in the educational environment. In an ever-changing world, educational settings can become fertile ground for conflicts and undesirable behaviors. With an emphasis on the use of creative methods, this course provides participants with essential tools to develop conflict management skills and to prevent bullying effectively and inclusively.

The primary objective of this course is to develop a profound understanding of the nature of conflicts and bullying in educational settings for children, youth, and adults. Participants will learn to identify and manage conflicts constructively, use creative methods to promote awareness and empathy and create a safe and inclusive environment for those who are learning.

This course adopts a participatory and interactive methodology, providing participants with ample opportunities to apply the concepts learned in practical exercises, debates, and case studies. Through a creative approach, the course encourages participants to delve deep into the topics and develop practical skills. At the end of the course, participants will be prepared to address and manage conflicts with confidence, prevent bullying, and create a positive and safe educational environment that children, youth, and adults in their community deserve.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:


Day 1
– Get to know each other (presentation of the participants and their organizations)
– Introduction to the course
– The notion of conflict and types of conflicts
– The role of conflicts
– Sources and causes of conflicts
– The effects of conflicts
– Practical and experiential activities through creative methods

Day 2
– Introduction to the topic of bullying
– Forms of bullying
– Sources and causes of bullying
– Characteristics of victims and aggressors
– Consequences of bullying
– Gender differences regarding the issue of bullying
– Intervention suggestions for parents, teachers, specialists in adult education
– Practical and experiential activities through creative methods

Day 3
– Conflict and bullying prevention
– Intervention directions
– Practical and experiential activities in each direction of intervention through creative methods

Day 4
– Conflict Resolution
– Conflict management styles and opportunities
– Personality types and conflict management according to them
– Stages of conflict resolution
– Forms of conflict intervention and management of bullying behaviors
– Practical and experiential activities through creative methods

Day 5
– Practical and experiential activities for intervention in education and organizations
– Group discussions
– Course evaluation and reflections
– Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance
– Cultural activities

The course fee includes

– Entire program of study sessions;
– Course materials;
– Certificate of attendance;
– Europass Document;
– Learning Agreement Document;
– Coffee breaks;
– Administration costs.

Available Periods

Other important information

Certificate: Participants who attend at least 80% of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Schedule: Classes take place in the morning or afternoon. The final schedule will be sent 2 weeks before the course.

Cultural activities: The details related to the cultural activities are available here. (Optional)