Association Center for Personal Development
and Combating Risk Behaviors



Since 2015, we have been helping children, adolescents and adults at risk to develop in a harmonious way, ensuring, through counseling, their social and professional integration.

We started at the local level, offering our support in the psycho-social development of children from foster care centers in Sibiu county.

Our objective is to scale all efforts at a national level and to continue building programs dedicated to children, young people and adults in Romania, in which we offer them the best tools for personal development, regardless of the background they come from.

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The first behavioral patterns are learned at home… regardless of whether we are talking about the parents’ house or a foster care center.

Young people exposed to risky behaviors (the presence of verbal or physical abuse, irresponsible use of alcohol or drugs, etc.) during their formative years pick up a large part of these patterns and apply them, in turn, in the absence of counseling and careful guidance.

We have dedicated the last few years to build bridges between social specialists and beneficiaries of residential centers, supporting them in finding a common language.

The relationship between the beneficiary and the specialists with whom they are in contact must be built with great care and empathy, taking into account the risk behaviors they have been exposed to in the past and the need to break this vicious circle.

ValuesOur most important values are: integrity, responsibility, unity, innovation and continuous development.

VisionWe want an inclusive community where children, youth and adults can have access to specialized, practical and relevant international programs for their personal optimization, with a view to effective socio-professional integration.


We want to offer specialized, practical and relevant programs for developing life skills. Our programs are intended to help the socio-professional integration of the beneficiaries.

Our mission is to prevent and reduce risk behaviors, to ensure the necessary conditions for the development of the beneficiaries’ skills and life skills, and to offer professional training courses in order to improve their quality of life.