Psychodrama for Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation in Educational Settings


“Psychodrama for Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation in Educational Settings,” offers a transformative learning experience tailor-made for educators, counselors, and school professionals seeking innovative tools for effectively managing conflicts and promoting peer mediation among students.

This course provides a unique opportunity for participants to explore the power of psychodrama, an experiential and dynamic method, as a means to empower students and create more harmonious learning environments.

The course provides participants with an immersive learning experience, combining theory, experiential exercises, and collaborative exploration. It empowers educators to harness the power of psychodrama to foster conflict resolution skills and peer mediation capabilities among students, creating more inclusive, empathetic, and harmonious learning environments. Upon completion, participants will be equipped with valuable tools to promote positive conflict management and peer mediation within their educational institutions.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:


Day 1
– Get to know each other exercises (presentation of the participants and their organizations)
– Needs and expectations evaluation
– Understanding psychodrama: history, principles, and therapeutic benefits
– Role theory and its application in conflict resolution
– Psychodramatic warm-up exercises

Day 2
– Developing empathy and active listening skills
– Psychodrama techniques for enhancing understanding
– Conflict analysis through role-playing
– Reflective group discussions

Day 3
– Strategies for effective conflict resolution through psychodrama
– Creative approaches to mediation
– Practical exercises and peer mediation simulations
– Conflict resolution case studies

Day 4
– Integrating peer mediation programs in schools
– Developing peer mediation curricula
– Role of educators in supporting peer mediation
– Group exercises and peer mediation simulations

Day 5
– Presentation and discussion of peer mediation proposals
– Action planning for implementing psychodrama-based conflict resolution and peer mediation
– Course reflection, closing sessions and course evaluation
– Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance
– Cultural activities

The course fee includes

– Entire program of study sessions;
– Course materials;
– Certificate of attendance;
– Europass Document;
– Learning Agreement Document;
– Coffee breaks;
– Administration costs.

Available Periods

Other important information

Certificate: Participants who attend at least 80% of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Schedule: Classes take place in the morning or afternoon. The final schedule will be sent 2 weeks before the course.

Cultural activities: The details related to the cultural activities are available here. (Optional)